Acast announces new integration with Meta to help podcasters build communities

Acast announces new integration with Meta to help podcasters build communities

Through a first-of-its-kind offering, podcasters will be able to create hubs to interact with fans — making podcasts a truly two-way conversation


Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, is today announcing an integration with Meta to give podcasters new ways to cultivate their audiences and engage with fans.

The companies are developing an integration between Facebook Groups and Acast+, the podcast subscription offering that allows creators to give paying fans exclusive benefits across multiple platforms. 

Creators using Acast+ will be able to offer listeners entry to subscriber-only Facebook Groups where fans can engage with each other, interact directly with their favorite podcasters, and get access to exclusive benefits — including live streams, Q&As, special events, and much more. When a fan subscribes to a podcast’s Acast+ membership, they can effortlessly be admitted into the Group by linking the subscription to their Facebook account — right from the podcast feed. These communities will be powered by Facebook’s new Interoperable Subscriber Group technology.

The integration will not only enable podcasters to build a community for their listeners, but also to offer their fans new perks with a much simpler user experience.

Ross Adams, CEO of Acast, said: “When podcasters are able to build deep relationships with their listeners, great things happen. A core part of Acast’s mission is to help turn those listeners into true, loyal fans — and this integration with Meta helps make that a reality for our tens of thousands of podcasters around the world.”

This new connection between Facebook and Acast will allow podcasters to create their community hub seamlessly — without the need to manually find and add fans. Podcasters will be able to manage their Group, using it to engage with their community, promote new and upcoming episodes, access insights, and much more. 

“The best parts of the web are powered by platforms that are interoperable — ones that communicate with each other and enable creators to reach their audience wherever they are. Such technology is the foundation of the open podcast ecosystem that Acast has championed since its inception,” said Simon Marcus, Acast’s VP of Strategy. “Interoperability profoundly affects the ability for new businesses to start, creators to thrive, and users to access content across platforms — which is key to the technology we’re so excited to be developing with Meta.”

Ahead of the public launch, several creators — including Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Sullivan, who host the beauty podcast Fat Mascara — will participate in a testing period to help refine the technology. 

Acast is the first podcast company to announce an integration with Facebook’s Interoperable Subscriber Groups. 

The integration will be available to all podcasters offering an Acast+ membership, which any of Acast's 47,000 podcasts can start for free. Join Acast and launch your Acast+ membership today.

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