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Gates Foundation launches 'Make Me Care About' podcast to highlight people taking action to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges

Gates Foundation launches 'Make Me Care About' podcast to highlight people taking action to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges


Today, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced a new podcast series called, Make Me Care About, hosted by award–winning podcast host and New York Timesbestselling author Jen Hatmaker. The first of 13 episodes is available now, and each new episode will publish on Wednesdays.

The podcast will feature Hatmaker in conversation with guests from around the world who are solving some of the world’s biggest problems. Listeners will hear stories of health care workers, advocates, scientists, and educators whom the foundation supports through its thousands of grantees, as well as employees, all of whom are working to end disease, poverty, and inequality.

“By investigating innovative but often overlooked solutions to global challenges, Make Me Care About is an invitation for listeners to be inspired by amazing people and their work on world-changing projects,” said Susan Byrnes, chief communications officer at the Gates Foundation. “Through conversations with our partners and experts, Jen shares some of the remarkable stories that motivate our work to create a world where every person—no matter where they’re born—is able to live a healthy life and reach their full potential.”  

Each episode dives into a different challenge.  Topics range from maternal mortality to the importance of iodized salt, the pivotal developmental stage of ninth grade to the impact of malaria on communities around the globe, from poop and outdated toilets to garbanzo beans’ role in tackling malnutrition.

“I love to share inspiring stories, so I’m excited to be partnering with the Gates Foundation on the Make Me Care About podcast,” said Hatmaker. “Every episode is a real opportunity to connect with some of the most remarkable people the foundation works with. Together, we’ll investigate the deeply important and impactful topics that often get little attention and explore the stories behind some of the most innovative solutions helping us all to live, grow, and thrive.”

“These days, it can be hard to feel hopeful when you check in with your newsfeed,” said Chloe Louvouezo, senior content producer at the Gates Foundation. “This podcast aims to change that. It dives into fascinating developments that don't often show up in the news. It gives people a way to relate to issues that may feel far away and to consider their role in helping others, both in their community and around the world.”

Produced by Magnificent Noise, Make Me Care About will be distributed by Acast across all podcast platforms and listening apps. Listeners can find the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, and anywhere else they get their podcasts.

To learn more about Make Me Care About, visit the website and listen to the trailer.

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