3ShotsofTequila joins the Acast Creator Network, ensuring the podcast can be heard by fans everywhere

3ShotsofTequila joins the Acast Creator Network, ensuring the podcast can be heard by fans everywhere


3ShotsofTequila — the popular podcast from Marv Abbey, Mr Exposed and Tazer Black — has joined the Acast Creator Network.

Previously a Spotify Exclusive, 3Shots was started in 2016 as an insight into Black culture, London living, relationships, music, lifestyle and everything in between. More than 300 episodes, 40 million downloads, 7 million YouTube views and several live tours later, 3Shots has established itself as one of the most important ‘must-listen’ podcasts in the UK.

By joining the Acast Creator Network, 3ShotsofTequila will now be available across all podcast platforms, broadening and widening its audience — and will have access to Acast’s monetisation products in the Acast marketplace, including dynamic advertising, sponsorship, brand collaborations and live show partnerships.

Sam Shetabi, Acast Creator Network Director, UK, said: “Acast serves to help more podcasters find their valuable audience and make more money, on their own terms. Marv, Tazer and Mr Exposed provide an important snapshot of the issues affecting young Black people in the UK, but also celebrate the best of London culture — alongside the laughs and banter that keep the listeners coming back. By working with them in the Acast Creator Network we will help them reach a much bigger audience and elevate their brand.”

Marv Abbey, host of 3ShotsofTequlia, said: "It's time to take 3Shots to the next level. With Acast we're gonna be bigger, and we're going to be on more platforms. The three of us can't wait to get started. For the regular listener, nothing is changing — you'll still find us in your feed, and we have big plans for more content and more 3Shots."

3ShotsofTequila is available to listen to now, wherever you get your podcasts — including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Samsung Free and Google Podcasts.

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