Acast and BuzzFeed Studios unveil debut podcast from a slate of six upcoming audio series for global listeners

Acast and BuzzFeed Studios unveil debut podcast from a slate of six upcoming audio series for global listeners

Bite Club, presented by Tasty, launches April 18, 2023


BuzzFeed, Inc. (NASDQ: BZFD), a premier digital media company, and Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, today announced the first offering of the slate of six podcasts from BuzzFeed Studios. The podcast, Bite Club, presented by Tasty, will premiere on April 18, 2023, hosted by Jasmine Pak and Katie Aubin of Tasty.

Bite Club is a conversation show about the snacks, treats, and bites that make us who we are, from childhood favorites to today’s trendiest treats, and everything in between. Each week, friends Jasmine and Katie put together a definitive food-oriented List of the Week, laying their hottest takes on the table on subjects like first date meals, dinner party desserts, movie snacks (that are not popcorn), and more. Listeners will get to hear our foodie hosts and their occasional special guests hash it out on the mic and debate the superiority of one bite to another in real time.

BuzzFeed and Acast also announced that the second podcast on their slate will launch in the coming months, from the world of BuzzFeed Unsolved.  The podcast will feature conversations about unexplained phenomena, unsolved mysteries, and conspiracy theories, all broken down from the unique perspective of its hosts.

The slate from BuzzFeed Studios will introduce six weekly podcasts with diverse programming and talent from BuzzFeed, Inc.’s global brands and fan-favorite franchises. The podcasts will span a variety of genres and topic areas — covering news, culture, and entertainment — and will celebrate diverse identities and themes for Gen Z and Millennial audiences. Under the partnership, Acast will launch and distribute the podcasts, provide production services and creative direction, and manage monetization of the slate through advanced advertising and sponsorship technology. BuzzFeed, Inc.’s podcast programming will offer compelling new audio content to its highly engaged audience, which reaches more than 520 million people worldwide each month. 

"Food brings people together — tapping into the traditions and culture we share with one another and sparking the type of engaging conversation that podcasting serves so well,” said Tim Ruggeri, Director of Development and Studios at Acast. “We look forward to bringing Bite Club to every podcast platform and listening app out there so that it's accessible for communities everywhere."

“We’re thrilled to kick off our new slate of podcasts in partnership with Acast and we couldn’t be more excited that our inaugural series will dive into the delicious world of Tasty,” said Paul Ricci, head of unscripted for BuzzFeed Studios. “With a diverse lineup of programming on the horizon, this is the first taste of what we have in store — and we can’t wait for audiences to join us.”

Acast will make Bite Club widely accessible to listeners by distributing it across all podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, and wherever else audiences get their podcasts. 

Brands and agencies can purchase ads, sponsorships, and integrated branded content partnerships on Bite Club that make use of Acast’s pioneering dynamic ad insertion technology, which allows advertisers to reach audiences using conversational targeting, first-party data targeting, listener demographics, location, and more. Ads may be purchased from Acast either programmatically or direct. Sponsors can work with the Acast Creative team to create bespoke brand integrations, such as branded mini-series, episodes, or Sponsored Stories for those podcasts.

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