Acast signs collaboration and distribution deal with Resso

Acast signs collaboration and distribution deal with Resso


Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, strengthens its role as a leading audio innovator by signing a deal with Resso, the world’s first social music streaming platform. The collaboration will see Acast’s 47,000 shows distributed on Resso globally.

Since its launch in 2020, Resso has built a fast-growing community in Southeast Asia and Latin America, including markets such as Brazil, Indonesia and India. Resso’s community-first approach, amplified by recommendation-based music discovery and features for a shared experience, connecting people, artists and creators. Through its deal with Resso, Acast’s podcast creators have an opportunity to expand their listener base, reach a more global and engaged audience, and see their shows become even more attractive to advertisers.

Ross Adams, Acast’s CEO, said: “Bringing Acast’s network of podcasts to Resso will give a huge boost to our podcasters — giving them exposure to millions of new listeners, helping them to grow their audience, and making their shows even more attractive to advertisers. Resso also has a revolutionary interface and social engagement features, and we’re looking forward to seeing how that benefits our creators, too.”

Alberto Lopez, Music Licensing & Partnerships, Resso, commented: “Following our tremendous growth with music, podcasts are a natural next step for Resso. Our partnership with Acast is crucial as we continue to provide listeners with a range of content across genres and formats.”

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