‘Why I Podcast’ – Acast podcasters and advertisers share what podcasting means to them in a new campaign to mark International Podcast Day

‘Why I Podcast’ – Acast podcasters and advertisers share what podcasting means to them in a new campaign to mark International Podcast Day

The cross-platform campaign brings together Acast podcasters and the brands that work with them to celebrate the positive power of podcasting


Acast, the world’s largest independent podcasting company, is rolling out a new campaign — called Why I Podcast — celebrating the many positives of podcasting, and coinciding with International Podcast Day on September 30.

Everyone has their reasons for picking up the mic. Perhaps you want to share an untold story, discover a creative outlet, or even build a community and start a movement. Whatever your reason, Acast believes podcasting is the perfect way to get your voice heard — so, to champion podcasting and inspire new creators, Acast is tapping into the minds of its podcasters and advertisers from around the world to find out what podcasting means to them.

A new editorial series, Why I Podcast will feature interviews on Acast’s blog over the coming weeks with podcasters from across the Acast Creator Network — including The Guilty Feminist Better Than Yesterday, Se Regalan Dudas, Game of Roses, Somna med Henrik, They Walk Among Us, and La Balado de Pauchon. Creators will share why podcasting appeals to them as a medium, the impact it’s had on their lives, together with feel-good stories about their personal journeys in podcasting. 

Listeners to Acast podcasts across the globe will also hear directly from some of their favorite podcasters championing the power of podcasting, with stories dynamically inserted across Acast’s catalog of podcasts.

Alongside the interviews and audio content will run a supporting social media campaign — featuring both the creators and also advertisers at media agencies for heavyweight brands as McDonald’s and Airbnb. They’ll discuss the benefits podcasting has brought to their businesses, and why it is an essential channel in their marketing strategies. 

The campaign is also designed to encourage people who might be considering picking up the mic to get involved in podcasting, and offers new podcasters six months free of Acast’s ‘Influencer’ plan using the code ‘WHYIPODCAST’.

Lizzy Pollott, SVP of Marketing, Communications and Brand at Acast, said: “Podcasting is awesome, and Acast is home to 66,000 shows, each with its own unique story. For International Podcast Day, we wanted to share what drove our podcasters to pick up the mic in the first place, what keeps them podcasting, and what they themselves love about this beautiful medium. 

“We’ve also worked with thousands of  brands over the years to bring their messages to hundreds of millions of listeners. Their ad dollars allow our creators to keep doing what they do best, so we also wanted to share what makes our advertiser partners tick — and why they come back to podcasting again and again.”

Acast’s Why I Podcast campaign will launch from September 30 (International Podcast Day) and continue throughout the coming months. Head to Acast’s Twitter or Instagram to share your own stories — or, to learn more about hosting and advertising with Acast, visit acast.com.

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