Where to Find Acast at Podcast Movement Denver

Where to Find Acast at Podcast Movement Denver


It’s almost time for yet another Podcast Movement and experts from all around Acast will be gracing stages throughout the week to partake in industry conversations on a variety of topics.

From AI to performance marketing to measurement and much more, Acast has it covered.

Here’s a full look at where you can find Acast in Denver:

Tuesday, August 22

Beyond Downloads: Advanced Podcast Analytics for Greater Audience Insight

Time: 11:15am to 11:45am MT

Location: Aurora D

About: Acast’s Managing Director of Canada Heather Gordon will join Founder and CEO of Quill Inc, Fatima Zaidi, Head of Business Development at Spreaker Mattia Verzella, and SVP at Veritone Sean King in a panel discussion about podcast analytics. The conversation will touch on valuable metrics for both podcasters and advertisers in defining success on the medium.

Expanding the Podcast Ecosystem while Maintaining the Listener Experience

Time: 1:45pm to 2:15pm MT

Location: Industry Stage

About: Acast Group Business Director for National Performance Gabriella Gregoris will join a panel discussion hosted by Veritone One on how the podcast industry can continue to grow programmatic advertising while ensuring a seamless listening experience. The conversation will include strategies for how to maintain and grow listenership, while maximizing ad space and monetization potential.

Wednesday, August 23

Holding It Down: The Challenges of Minority Podcast Start-Ups

Time: 2:30 to 3:00pm MT

Location: Society, Culture, and Advocacy Stage

About:  Acast Interim Managing Director in the US Tiffany Ashitey will join this conversation to speak to the unique challenges and opportunities faced by minority-led podcast startups. From content creation to audience building and monetization, the discussion will reveal valuable insights and strategies to help them hold it down in today's podcasting industry. Tiffany will be joined by Director of Podcasts at Black Love Inc Krystal Hill, the former Host and General Manager of Black Love Inc David Wasicki, CEO and Founder of DCP Entertainm Chris Colbert, Chief Operating Officer for DCP Entertainment Adell Coleman, and Co-Founder and CEO of The Qube Anna DeShawn.

How listeners want you to use ChatGPT (and how they don’t)

Time: 3:15 to 3:45pm MT

Location: Technical Stage

About: New Acast research shows that most podcasters (84%) and podcast listeners (57%) expect ChatGPT and similar AI tools will improve the quality of podcast content — but the two groups differ greatly on how it should be used, and what’s ethical. In this session, Acast Interim Managing Director for the US Tiffany Ashitey will lead a conversation between Acast Director of Research and Insights Tommy Walters and Host of the The Good Life Project Jonathan Fields that unveils the latest research to inform creators how they should (and shouldn’t) be using AI tools. The session will provide guidance on how to mitigate risks by discussing the careful use of AI without infringing on the important, authentic aspects of podcasting.

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