Acast X Apple Podcasts Subscriptions: Empowering creators everywhere

Acast X Apple Podcasts Subscriptions: Empowering creators everywhere


We’re on a mission to ensure that all podcasters find valuable audiences and make money from their craft, everywhere. Our partners at Apple share this vision, which is why they’ve asked us to collaborate on the launch of Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery, a brand new feature for creators coming in Fall ’22.

Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery will empower and put control in the hands of Acast creators to upload, manage, and distribute premium content directly to listeners using Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. With this integration, podcasters will be able to publish their premium episodes just as easily as they publish their free episodes today. This partnership with Apple is another way that Acast is empowering podcasters to build a robust and complete subscription strategy for their listeners.

What’s more, Delegated Delivery will allow creators to submit both their premium and free shows to Apple Podcasts straight through Acast, making it even easier to add new shows to Apple’s catalog-of-record and find even more listeners.

Matt MacDonald, Chief Product Officer from Acast said: “Apple are long-term partners of Acast, and we’ve always had a strong, collaborative relationship. Working together on the launch of Apple Podcasts Delegated Delivery has allowed us to offer Acast creators yet another way to make more money from their craft — and to reach listeners already using Apple Podcasts Subscriptions — all from the comfort of their Acast dashboard.”

Stay tuned for more information on Delegated Delivery, including resources from Apple and Acast to help creators take advantage of the new feature before launch. 

Happy (and easy) creating.

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