Acast+ now supports one-time payments, giving creators even more ways to earn revenue

Acast+ now supports one-time payments, giving creators even more ways to earn revenue


Acast has expanded its Acast+ monetization options to allow podcasters to receive one-time payments, in addition to recurring subscriptions. This new functionality gives podcasters added flexibility in the paid-for content they can offer their listeners through Acast+ — opening up possibilities such as one-off episodes or series, without requiring listeners to commit to  ongoing payments.

Acast+, which fully launched in January 2022, allows podcasters to offer premium, exclusive benefits to paying subscribers — from ad-free streams to early access, bonus episodes and more. With the addition of one-time payments, Acast+ now supports creators with even more ways to monetize both new and existing content. 

One-time payments are perfect for creators looking to test their audience’s appetite for premium content, podcasters whose shows are seasonal in nature, and those who want to create evergreen content — such as limited series or one-off episodes. This feature also enables podcasters who aren’t ready to commit to an always-on subscription offering to still earn revenue from paid-for content — an option especially important for creators who take holidays or artistic breaks.

Stacey Goers, Senior Manager, Product at Acast, said: “Since we launched Acast+, podcasters have been asking for a more flexible entry point — especially to trial Acast+ without needing to commit to creating bonus content for the long term — and, with one-time payments, we’re able to give it to them.

“We look forward to seeing podcasters launch new offerings using one-time payments. Whether you have a health podcast and want to launch a companion audio course, or want to package together your interview podcast’s greatest hits, one-time payments can really be whatever a podcaster wants them to be.”

Acast+ is generating new revenue streams for podcasts of all sizes, across the globe. Success stories have included thousands of subscribers signing up the Swedish documentary podcast  Sorry, Everything Went To Hell  and Ireland’s weekly The Tommy, Hector, and Laurita Show. This July, podcast heavyweights WTF with Marc Maron, Shagged. Married. Annoyed, and, RHLSTP with Richard Herring have also unveiled their own Acast+ tiers.

Acast+ allows podcasters to make money from podcast subscriptions and premium content, enabling them to  develop closer relationships with their audience. Fans can listen to this content in nearly any podcast app they choose and enjoy additional benefits like Q&As and members-only communities. To learn more and to launch your Acast+ subscription now, go to

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