Borderless Storytelling — The Power of the Spoken Word

Borderless Storytelling — The Power of the Spoken Word


As an Expansion Director for the Acast Creator Network, the fundamentals of Joanna Aveillan’s role are to help podcasters to be heard and in doing so, earn money from their craft. With this in mind, it’s a role that gets to the heart of storytelling. 

Recently, Joanna hosted a session at The Podcast Festival, in The Netherlands, one of Acast’s newest and most emerging markets. Joined by Josephine Karianjahi, Co-Director of Africa Podfest and Arco Gnocchi, Dag en Nacht Editor-in-Chief and podcast host: Borderless Storytelling — The Power of the Spoken Word, explored how podcasters triumph across boundaries and discussed how podcasting transcends beyond the mic.

Three key takeaways from the discussion were:

  • Podcasting is approachable but should be representative of all voices. Josephine Karianjahi believes that “podcasting is a space for underrepresented minority voices and an ideal platform to connect across the world.” In unanimous agreement, the panelists said that there is still a long way to go to ensure all voices are heard but as a relatively new medium still, there is an opportunity to define who shapes it. 
  • The Netherlands has an ideal culture for podcasting. It is the epitome of borderless storytelling as Dutch and English are spoken so readily, with approximately 91% of Netherlanders speaking English*. A culture fueled by curiosity, Arco Gnocchi said “Dutch people are an opinionated bunch and just love to be informed and entertained by excellent content. In short; the best audience a podcast can wish for.”
  • Podcasting is perfect for niche subjects, passions, and interests often missing from other media. In an intimate and heavily engaged environment – podcasts are often listened to on headphones – with no limits, podcasting provides a place for listeners to be in control. To find the perfect mix of what they know and who they love. For example, Acast hosts podcasts on various subjects, from bee-keeping to tea-drinking to the history of the Czech Republic.

As Acast continues to move into new markets and solidify its position in existing ones, Joanna and other Acast teams responsible for expansion will continue to drive meaningful conversations such as this one. 

If you’re a budding podcaster, ready to tell your story without borders, take a look at the free resource Acast Essentials.


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