Myles Sexton Joins Acast Creator Network with “Our Private Bits” Launch

Myles Sexton Joins Acast Creator Network with “Our Private Bits” Launch

How podcasting is continuing to foster inclusive conversations around the globe

Written by Heather GordonManaging Director of Acast Canada2023.07.11

As an industry we so often talk about the growth and evolution of podcasting. While it’s true that we have come a long way in the 20 years that our medium has been around – more than $21 billion dollars worth globally, in fact – one thing remains the same: podcasting continues to create space for important conversations that otherwise go unspoken. 

Since launching in 2014, Acast has championed these conversations all around the globe and effectively fostered a place for creative expression for podcasters as well as created sources of information and inclusivity for listeners. We’ve also invited brands to take part and support these authentic conversations since day one, which has led to an astounding quarter of a billion dollars being paid directly into the pockets of our podcasters to date.

We’re far from taking our foot off the gas, and in Canada specifically, proud to say the most recent voice to bring these conversations to the RSS feed comes from our very own slice of the world.

Myles Sexton, a multi-talented Creative Director, Stylist, and Makeup Artist, known for their impactful work as an HIV/AIDS and Sobriety Activist, has joined the Acast Creator Network with the launch of Our Private Bits, a podcast for those very conversations that too often go unspoken or ignored

Myles is a renowned TV personality and style expert who has been featured on popular shows including Cityline, The Social, Breakfast Television, and Your Morning. Their work has also been featured in Vogue Italia, Elle, New York Times, and Fashion Magazine and they are a recipient of the 2022 CAFA Fashion Creator Award. 

Beyond their resume, Myles is also a passionate advocate for gender identity, sexuality, mental health, sexual health, and harm reduction, is a sober, HIV positive, non-binary individual and queer fashion nomad. And now, they have teamed up with Acast to build a space that empowers thoughtful discussions on these topics and encourages a community of growth and understanding. 

“I am so excited to work with Acast because many of my favorite podcasts are a part of the Acast family, but also because Acast is a global podcast platform and I hope that our words can reach people all over the world,” Myles said about the new partnership.

Each week on Our Private Bits, Myles and their fiancé, Tyler Austin, will explore the depths of their relationship by sharing candid reflections on the obstacles they’ve faced and the invaluable lessons they’ve learned along the way.  

In the first episode, which was just released this month, Myles and Tyler waste no time diving into those private bits. The conversation covers Tyler’s personal journey as a transgender man and experiences of coming out to family, friends, and partners. The duo also discusses what their relationship has taught them individually about gender identity, sexuality, and themselves.

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