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Why I Podcast: Dos Nombres Comunes

Why I Podcast: Dos Nombres Comunes

Tapping into the minds of Acast podcasters from around the world to find out what podcasting means to them.


Everyone has their reasons for picking up the mic. Perhaps they want to share an untold story, discover a creative outlet, or even build a community and start a movement. Whatever that reason, podcasting is the perfect way to get your voice heard. 

For International Podcast Day 2022, we’re tapping into the minds of Acast podcasters from around the world to find out what makes them tick in our Why I Podcast interview series. Be inspired and learn how successful podcasters stay motivated when creating, what they love about podcasting, and why the medium is so special for creators and listeners alike.

Dos Nombres Comunes (or ‘Two Common Names’) is about two men traversing life in their 40s, and ultimately about friendship — however one’s a Mexican rockstar and the other’s a Swedish family man. While their lives have taken different paths, José and Andreas are firm friends — and, in more than 200 episodes discussing life and all its ups and downs, they discover there’s more in common between them than different.

We spoke to José and Andreas to unpack what their podcast means to them.

Tell us about yourself, what’s Dos Nombres Comunes all about? 

It’s about everything and nothing. It started out with two strangers in their 30s and 40s, with very different backgrounds, but some common interests, getting together to talk about their lives, current topics, music, and memories from the past. The audience has been able to witness a friendship form through the podcast — and, at the same time as we’ve gotten to know more about each other, so have they.

What is it about podcasts that attracts storytellers and their listeners?

We stay true to the original audio format because it gives the listener the opportunity to disconnect from the screen and just listen, while perhaps doing other things. 

It’s quite amazing that people want to listen to two people just talking, but there are hopefully many things being said that the listener can connect and relate to. We talk about the hurdles of life, but also about joyful moments. You don’t need to be an artist or father to relate to those topics. 

You can never take your audience’s attention for granted, but you can’t think too much about what the audience might want to listen to. It needs to be interesting for us, it needs to be fun and sometimes sad. So, in a sense, us getting together to talk is a sacred moment of your week where we get to vent our thoughts on different matters. 

If you are able to produce a podcast that can make the audience laugh, learn new things, reflect on life, and sometimes even cry, then you're doing a good job.

Why is podcasting important to you?

The podcast has formed a new friendship between us, and the listeners have been able to listen to that friendship form right in their ears.

How’s your relationship with your listeners?

We get a lot of emails and messages from listeners commenting on our episodes. Sometimes they don’t agree with what was said, sometimes they thank us for keeping them company, and sometimes they correct information that we got wrong or give us recommendations. 

We also get a lot of questions, which we answer if they are related to the podcast. Our listeners are very active and engaging, which of course is something that we appreciate.

How does podcasting fulfill you creatively?

You obviously need to come up with things to talk about and there has to be more planning before recording. The editing process is also something that might need some creativity. It’s always fulfilling to be able to present a new episode.

What’s your favorite episode so far and why?

One of the audience’s favorites is episode 131 Amor Propio, where we answer prejudices about us from our listeners. We each have our favorites and it’s difficult to pick a few among 235. 

In general, the episodes where we got to go a little deeper tend to become favorites or the episodes that made us laugh a lot. 

What is the most fascinating thing you’ve learnt from doing the podcast?

How ordinary stories from your ordinary life are able to resonate with so many people, and the connection a podcast can form between the producers and the audience. 

What’s next for your podcast?

We’re about to launch an audio documentary about a trip we made to Sweden together with two other friends, as well as continue recording new weekly episodes.