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Dope Black Dads rewinds back to his First Words

Dope Black Dads rewinds back to his First Words


Getting started. It’s the toughest part of any creative project, and starting a podcast is no different. How do I do this? Will I be any good? What if no one listens? What if I fail?

But everybody needs to start from exactly the same place: episode one. Every podcast needs to have its first words. That goes for all of your favorite podcasters, too — even if now they’re effortless audio storytellers.

So we’ve launched First Words, a video series where Acast takes podcasters from around the Acast Creator Network on a trip down memory lane. We scroll back to the start of their feed and press play on the very first episode, challenging them to remember the first words they spoke. Expect to hear revealing stories of humble beginnings, how they’ve grown as podcasters, and advice for future podcast superstars.

Marvyn Harrison, host of the Dope Black Dads podcast, joins us for a blast from the past by listening back to his First Words.

Dope Black Dads has built a dedicated community who keep coming back to hear more of the podcast's relatable and often hilarious honesty. The show doesn't shy away from important topics, and listeners can expect conversations on masculinity, co-parenting, and the black experience, to Netflix and representation in media. 

Watch Marvyn's First Words episode below to hear how the podcast evolved from the simple but important goal of giving a space for Black dads to talk about parenting, to become one of the UK’s most essential parenting podcasts.

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