A True Story of Overcoming Depression, Panic, & Shame

On this little bonus episode, I offer my own story of the panic attacks and depression that plagued me in my twenties and the subsequent shame I felt about being a yogi and making the choice to take anti-depressants. If you're suffering, I created this podcast to let you know that you're not alone. And if you're feeling guilty about taking the meds, I want to help you clear that guilt, to help you NOT put another layer of pain on top of the suffering. 

Shownotes: yogalandpodcast.com/episode49/

Yogaland Podcast

Andrea Ferretti spent more than a decade as an editor at Yoga Journal interviewing inspiring yoga teachers, creative thinkers, and wellness experts. Now, on Yogaland, Andrea talks to insightful people about all things related to yoga and the path of self-awareness. From how yoga is being used in schools, to how it rewires our brains, to nitty gritty anatomy advice, to the simple ways it helps us navigate emotions. Yogaland is a dose of weekly inspiration that focuses on creating a happy, healthy, meaningful life.