9: Siouxsie Q: Age Play

I am a blithering fangirl for Siouxsie Q’s podcast The Whorecast – in many ways, it continues to inspire me to make YAPIT. When Siouxsie and I met at Catalyst Con, we tumbled into predestined JournHOlist/whorenalist love at first sight. We snuggled up with Siouxsie’s prized My Little Pony blanket and Frederick the Bear for a very personal discussion of Age Play.

What is the erotic appeal of a consenting adult pretending to be younger than she actually is? Siouxsie was brave enough to open up to me about the Little Girl part of her identity, and how being Little affects her sexuality, her creativity, and her emotional life. I also got to learn what it was like to win San Francisco’s Little Ms Little contest!



Siouxsie Q  is a slut, writer, performer, sex worker activist, playwright, musician and revolutionary.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and is known to transform into a ukulele playing mermaid during high tide. She has traversed the globe singing siren songs and hustles hard to bring slut pride, mermaids, and mayhem to the masses, but now spends most of her time performing and making smut in San Francisco.  Whether frolicking in a dungeon or strutting on a stage, Siouxsie Q is bound to werk her way into your heart.