5: Zil Goldstein: Naughty Nurses

Helloooooooooooo Nurse!

For Episode 5, Tina spoke to her friend Zil Goldstein, a badass medical professional and health advocate, about the phenomenon of Naughty Nurses. Why are nurses such pervasive pop culture sex symbols? How do trust, bedside manner, and Mommy issues play into nurse obsessions? Or is it really all about the outfits?

This episode also features a spontaneous mock medical play scene, during which we don’t really learn much besides the fact that Tina is a very bratty patient and Zil is a consummate professional!

Discussed: OLD CARTS, expertise demonstrated by a hat, enemas, white as symbol of purity, pronoun check-ins, pencil skirts, passing, institutionalized intimacy.



Zil Garner Goldstein is currently a nurse practitioner at in New York. She practices primary care, focusing on LGBT/queer health, transgender health and HIV primary care, and is the Clinical Director at the Persist Health Project, an organization dedicated to providing free and low-cost health services to people who trade sex (Persist Health Project).

She has been working in transgender health and sex worker health for ten years. She is also an author/editor for Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, published September 2014 at Oxford University Press, which is a great resource for information on transition, counseling, and living as a transgender person.