35: Princess Kali: Humiliation

"Kink is about exploring the uncontrollable in a controlled way. It's about feeling unsafe in a situation that is actually safe. That's the art of it." Erotic humiliation can be about so many different abstract things, and Princess Kali is here to break it down! This retired dominatrix, producer of Kink Academy, and author of Enough to Make You Blush explains how diminishing someone's ego can be one of the hottest kinds of BDSM. Whether it's objectification, financial domination, gender play, domestic service, or exposure, kinky humiliation is an intense form of power exchange that keeps on giving!

Princess Kali has spent over fourteen years exploring not only the how but the why of alternative lifestyles. Her experience working as a professional dominatrix has given her a unique understanding of the motivations behind erotic humiliation play as well as a passion for helping people participate in it more safely and enjoyably. Her engaging style of presenting has been welcomed at more than 150 venues including kink events such as Dark Odyssey, Kink in the Caribbean, and IMsL as well as mainstream venues such as Harvard and SXSW.

As the founder of Erotication.com she pioneered the model of the “kinktrepreneur”, creating sites such as Kink Academy, Passionate U, and Fearless Press for easy access to adult sex and BDSM education.

Princess Kali is currently focusing on personal coaching and group workshops. She recently released her first book titled Enough to Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation.