28: Poppy Cox: Bicycles

When Tina Horn thinks of bicycles, you know she thinks about sweaty, greasy sex. Luckily, she’s not the only bikesexual around. For this episode, Poppy Cox, the creative director of the Bike Smut film festival, came over to discuss the connection between bikes and civic politics, the history of women’s liberation, and what might be involved in taking a bike slut home from a bar.


Poppy Cox is a performer, costumer and sex-positive feminist. She lived and worked in London, UK for seven years where she was an active member of the London new burlesque scene as well as front woman for the noise band/performance art troupe known as Le Couteau Jaune. She identified as a bike-sexual in 2010 and joined up with Bike Smut shortly there after. She has hosted shows in 26 countries world wide and made 5 films for the festival. She currently resides in Berlin where she enjoys checking out cyclists year round.