23: T.Pantherella: Size Queens

Can a size queen ever be satisfied? Maybe not, but why should she? This episode is a tribute to big cocks, giant hands, oversized vibrators, voluminous screams, zaftig bodies, and insatiable appetites. T.Pantherella has sold toys, instructed the sexually curious, and thrown her hip out during a burlesque act, so suffice it to say she knows all about things that take up space.



T. Pantherella is a Black queer fat-bodied femme kinkster. She is passionate about radical pleasure-centered sex education and the curation of hot and structurally anti-oppression play space and community.

T. believes in the power of hot queer hands, spit, cum, lube, leather, steel, and premium-grade black silicone.

Now semi-retired, she spent some delicious time bumping and grinding on top of numerous bar tops in Brooklyn, NYC as her burlesque and performance art alter ego, Afrotitty. Afrotitty made it into the pages of the Village Voice, Time Out New York, Salacious Magazine and completed irreverently in the Ms. LEZ competition.