22: Nikki Silver: Hair

Tina wrote an essay for Nikki Silver’s upcoming book of photography, Unshavenwhich collects erotic images of hairy women from Silver’s iconoclastic hardcore website, Naughty Natural. In this episode, Tina snuggles up in Silver’s four-poster bed to discuss everything they love about being hairy, and what other people love (and misunderstand) about unshaven women.

Porn ideas brainstormed in this episode:

1. Hairy Armpit Smell-O-Vision

2. “You Could Always Get Caught” – a full-length hiking sex feature

3. HairyTorture.com featuring forced waxing

4. SweatySpandex.tumblr.com




Nikki Silver is a hairy porn mogul and has been running her site, NaughtyNatural.com for the past 3+ years. She is at once a free spirited wild woman and business savy entrepreneur. She likes cats and orgasms.

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