2:B: Mollena Williams: Role Play

Tina has been dreaming of chatting with legendary pervert Mollena Williams about role play for a long time, and she finally got her wish! In Part Two of this episode, Tina and Mollena get to the bottom of characters, costumes, scenarios, and dirty talk; and Mollena shares some pretty unforgettable tales of pretty ponies, daddy/girl scenes, and that one time she really upset a slave auction…


Mollena Williams, the “Delicate, Trembling Flower of Submission” © is a NYC born and raised writer, actress, BDSM Educator, Storyteller and an Award-Winning Executive Pervert. She is extremely proud to have served as International Ms Leather 2010. She is also thrilled to have been named Ms. San Francisco Leather 2009. Her opinion and viewpoints on issues of kink, Leather and BDSM are frequently sought after by news and information sources such as The New York TimesThe Huffington Post, NewsweekEssence,and Ebonyamong other publications.

She is the author of the “Toybag Guide: Taboo Play” and, with Lee Harrington, “Playing Well With Others: Your Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities”

Learn More about her at her website: Mollena.com!