19: Mickey Mod: Fear

Why do we get off on the things that scare us? That’s the question Tina posed to her old friend Mickey Mod, along with very special guest co-host Quinn Cassidy. As a long-time veteran in front of and behind the sex industry camera, Mickey has a lot to say about the reasons that fear sells porno. This dreamteam threesome ate a lot of nachos, sipped some fine liquor, and talked some serious talks about race, power, and desire.

Fear-based Content / Can Porn Heal The World? / The Same Body Over And Over / The Myth of the Black Male Rapist / Race Play versus Interracial Porn / “We are so good at war” / The Social Good of Satire / Watercooler Conversations about Tentacle Hentai /



A connoisseur of baked goods and erotic imagery. Mickey Mod is well a educated pervert and smut maker from the SF bay area. A performer,videography and editor in the adult industry for 6 1/2 years. @themickeymod







Quinn Cassidy has a duel BA in human sexuality and film from University of California. He’s a hard-leftist bibliophile, award-winning filmmaker, porn producer, creative writer, and sex worker. Cassidy is captivated by unleashed sexualities, and their thirsty interrogations of the self. Find his video and modeling work on Alternadudes.com, Dirtyboyvideo.com, Naughtynatural.com, Pinklabel.tv, Queerporn.tv, and Indiepornrevolution.com. Follow: @xQuinnCassidyx