17: Stephen Elliot: Submission

“All roads lead to submission,” today’s guest Stephen Elliot confesses in this deeply revealing episode. Anyone familiar with his prolific writing and filmmaking will know that erotic power play is an obsessive theme of Elliot’s work. His conversation with Tina touches on a multitude of fetishes for humiliation and masochism, all underscored by a yearning to understand the craving for sexual subservience.

Discussed: Being The Center of Attention / “Submission Isn’t A Blank Check” / Cross-Dressing / Nipple Torture / Naked Person on a Dinner Table / Houseboy Service / Financial Domination / “Is Kink an Orientation?” / A Stick of Cotton Candy in the Goth Club



Stephen Elliott is the author of seven books including The Adderall Diaries. His feature directorial debut, About Cherry, premiered at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival. He recently finished his second feature film based on his novel Happy Baby.