15 : kd diamond: Bootblacking

International Ms Bootblack 2011 kd diamond is an accomplished artist: and she’s also a card-carrying leather fetishist. In this episode, kd opens up her boot care kit and lets us peek inside. We learn how integral bootblacks are to the Leather Scene, and how taking care of leather clothes can represent service, worship, or simply hot kinky sex.


How To Always Smell The Glove; The Smokiest Batch of Huberd’s Grease; Commodity Fetishism; NYC’s Submit Play Party; How Is A Bootblack Like A Hairdresser or Bartender or Grillmaster or Massuese: Learning About The World With Your Mouth; Leather for Vegans; Always Tip Your Bootblack

This episode also includes a sneak peak at Sinclair Sexsmith’s Sweet and Rough: Queer Smut! That entire interview is on our Soundcloud page!



kd diamond is a queer cartoonist and illustrator, artist and media-maker, and sea creature nerd. She’s the founder and art director of Salacious Magazine, a queer feminist anti-racist sex rag that aims to stimulate your genitals and challenge your brain, and the illustrator of close to a dozen books about sex and gender, including but not limited to The Ultimate Guide to Kink, Partners In Pleasure, and The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure. Diamond is currently hard at work on the layout and illustrations for Girl Sex 101 (girlsex101.com), a collaboration with Allison Moon (talesofthepack.com) that combines expert advice, fictional narrative, and educational segments with illustrations to create an ultimate road map for girls to have mind-blowing sex with other girls. Oh, and she’s also really into leather and boots.