12: Nayland: Chastity

Dicks! Dicks! Dicks! Episode 12 has more cock talk than any YAPIT episode yet! My guest is Nayland, an interdisciplinary artist who knows a whole lot about the sexual fetish of chastity devices and orgasm control. In his own words, “Cocks are ludicrous” and this episode has lots of ideas for consensually exploiting that wonderful fact.

Discussed: ownership, predicament bondage, tease and denial, mini iron maidens, frustration, conditioning, long distance submission, Maid Marion’s Everlast chastity belt, sensory depravation tanks, being locked, being a key holder



Nayland is an artist and educator, an investigator and instigator.  Since 2006 he has presented on kink related topics at many places including KinkAcademy, TESFest and Dark Odyssey Winter Fire/Leather Retreat/Fusion, The Floating World, IMsL and GMSMA, LSM, Instigate and Winter Wickedness, and has taught and lectured on art at numerous colleges around the United States, including Harvard, Yale, UC Berkeley and the Art institute of Chicago.  In 2004 he  was named International Pipebear at Briar Bash. He is a member of Delta International Brotherhood.