10: Ignacio Rivera: Squirting

It’s our 10th Episode! There are a hell of a lot of sexual desires that Igancio could explain to us, and we’d eat our hats if they didn’t have a story to tell about it that made us weak in the knees. We are really glad we settled on “squirting” because the personal anecdotes they shared sort of made us squirmy and giggly and forget our notes, which is pretty much what you wanted out of this podcast, right?

But seriously, folks, what does it mean to talk about “female ejaculation” with someone who identifies as gender fluid? Does the g-spot really exist (hint: yes.). Hang on to your Liberator, cuz it’s Why Are People Into Squirting?


Ignacio Rivera aka Papí Coxxx who prefers the gender-neutral pronoun “they” is a Black-Boricua, two-spirit, gender-fluid, kinky, sex positive sex educator, sex worker, performance artist and filmmaker. They are the creator of Poly Patao Productions.

Poly Patao Productions is dedicated to producing sex-positive workshops, performance pieces, play parties, panel discussions, teach-ins, social/political groups and educational opportunities that are specially geared toward queer women, transgender, multi-gender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming and gender variant folx of color.

Ignacio has been facilitating workshops, doing lectures and creating events for kinky, kinky-curious Queer/Trans POC’s and their white allies for over a decade.