Turn your writing into a podcast with Acast.

Acast makes it easy to create podcasts from your writing on Medium, Substack, blog, or any other text-based content. We give you all the tools you need to transform your content to make it go further and reach new audiences worldwide.

Turn your writing into podcasts

Turn your writing into podcasts in three easy steps

Create your Acast account and podcast

Sign up to Acast for free, and create your podcast with a name and description. This could be a podcast version of your Medium blog or Substack newsletter, for example.

Convert your writing into podcast episodes

Turn your text into podcast-ready audio with our Podcastle integration. Simply drop your text into the editor in Podcastle and it’ll transform it into compelling, humanlike and natural speech in seconds, using its AI technology.

Publish your episodes

Once you’ve edited your audio, seamlessly upload the file to Acast and publish the episode to every podcast app to reach listeners all over the world.

Making professional audio has never been easier

Easily transform your content into podcasts

Podcastle is an all-in-one suite for creating professional sounding podcasts, and Acast’s integration is available for free to all our podcasters. Podcastle offers multi-track recording and editing, audio transcription, intuitive editing and mixing, and advanced audio processing.

Reach a bigger audience

Podcasting is booming. With 62% of the US listening to podcasts, adapting your videos into podcasts brings an opportunity to reach new audiences — as well as offering existing fans a new way to tune in.

When people can’t watch, they’re listening. Most podcast listening happens when people are driving, doing housework, or just going out for a walk. When your fans take a break from their screens, make it easy for them to still enjoy your content.

More way to monetize

Make the most of your content, on your terms. Acast offers monetization options to all shows, no matter the size – and, to date, we've paid more than $190 million directly to our podcasters.

You can launch paid subscriptions via Acast+, offering listeners bonus content or ad-free streams, as well as enabling ads and sponsorship — and you control exactly when and where they appear.

Our network

47,000 podcasts listened to 400 million times every month.

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