This is War Promo

Today we will

be leaving this period in history for a moment to introduce you to a new show from the

Wondery Podcast Network called “This Is War”. You will hear the fascinating, dramatic

and intensely human stories from the men and women of the United States military

giving up close and personal accounts of their experiences in combat. How does the

reality of what they faced effect these brave soldiers? How do they overcome the

physical and psychological scars suffered on and off the battleground. You will hear first

hand accounts of these journeys from veterans who have experienced the highs and

lows of serving their country. Comrades in arms and the emotional road they travel

returning to their lives back home. In this episode, we meet Ian Mearns. A month before

his senior year in high school when he was just seventeen years old, Ian walked into the

recruitment office and signed up on the deferred entry program. That was August of

2001. A year later, the world had completely changed and he was entering the military

under very different circumstances than he had anticipated. Here is a short preview.