WDF XTRA: Jan Sobieski Biography 1

Hello there! It's a good day to be a listener of WDF, because I've managed to convince myself to share the first episode of the EXCLUSIVE biography on Jan Sobieski, a 12 part series which will keep us fed and watered in the Xtra feed for the remainder of this year, and which will be releasing every single week until the final week of 2017! YOWZA! What can you expect from this series, and what exactly did Sobieski do when he wasn't charging to the rescue of his peers outside Vienna in 1683? Well, as you'll soon discover, there's so much more to Sobieski than merely Vienna and its siege. He is our window into the era of the turbulent 17th century. He is our weather gauge as we measure the turmoil which afflicted the portion of Europe around the Polish-Russian-Ukrainian border. As a story it sets us up well for our new Podcast on Poland in the 18th century, which is due out on in April, 2018. I hope you'll give it a listen, and remember if you want the full story, this whopper and wonderful series, as well as so many others, are only a few clicks away! Thankssss history friends, and I hope to welcome you soon to the best band of history fans this side of audio! :D

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