WDF Rem*: Memory Lane Collage

Welcome friends, to another episode designed to keep the excitement levels high as we count down to the official launch of the Remastered birthday project on Monday, 22nd May
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Here you'll find a curious audio experiment - you see, over the last 5 years we've been through a lot together, and as a podcast WDF has grown and morphed into something miles beyond my expectations. To illustrate this, I feel this episode does this journey justice, as we begin at the start of our pod's life, and detail our experience through the mixing of audio clips from our years of podcasting. It is in many ways a different kind of project from one I'd normally do, but if you're one for nostalgia and seeing how far we've come, I feel there's few better ways to celebrate our 5th birthday, and get yourself pumped for what's to come!
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I'm so excited to unleash this project on you guys, and with all your help this podcast can reach incredible levels - let's do this!