WDF Rem*: Epilogue

Sick of me yet? Honestly history friends, I wouldn't blame you by this stage! Listen in here for my rundown on how I feel this whole crazy project went. Five Weeks To Run Wild - was it all worth it, what would I do differently, how was the feedback and what should you expect from WDF in the future. Whether you're a patron or just a regular listener, we've got lots planned, and there's a whole load to be excited about ahead.
For the sake of closure, for the sake of ending this whole mad project in a satisfying way, I though it'd be best to wrap my thoughts and plans up all in one somewhat tidy episode, so I hope you'll give it a listen if you want my take on things. Thanksssss to everyone who has supported and joined us on this incredible journey, and to the new Patrons listening on their Xtra feed now - you are all so very welcome!
It has been a pleasure, and I can't wait to unleash everything WDF has to offer. Until then though my name is Zack, and I'll be seeing you all soon!
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