WDF 30: The Long War IX

Albert Caprara has a really bad time in this episode, as he is plucked from his far more enjoyable job in the University of Bologna and selected by Leopold to negotiate with the Turks. These same Turks who had been preparing themselves for war for the last few months, were found by Caprara to have been - surprise surprise - preparing themselves for war, rather than preparing themselves to sign a new peace treaty with the Habsburgs. 

News of this development comes slowly to Vienna though, and in the meantime there is plenty to distract Leopold's court over the course of 1682. A number of initiatives directed towards the French spring up in Germany, as William III attempts to arrange something of use with the Swedes, as the Emperor looks on, only ever so gradually and reluctantly turning his attentions to the east, beyond the Hungarian wasteland, and towards a threat which was preparing to achieve its crowning glory at his expense. 

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