Interview with Anne Marie Slaughter

Anne Marie Slaughter brings her wide and deep expertise and acumen to What Could Go Right? with Zachary Karabell. President and CEO of New America, former dean of Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School Policy, former head of policy planning at the State Department, frequent author, and commentator, she brings a uniquely compassionate angle to the discussion of domestic policy and international relations. Listen in to hear them discuss equality, reinvention, the world's current challenges, and, despite perceived dark clouds over the future, why it's OK to be hopeful.

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What Could Go Right?

In today's world, most of us tend to focus only on what could go wrong. What about the other side of that coin? Zachary Karabell doesn't disagree with the negative, but he does feel that examining the potential good deserves a fair shake. Join him and some of today's most prolific leaders from the political, economic, and artistic sphere to thoroughly consider the question of What Could Go Right?

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