Documentary: Football and the Great War

On Christmas Eve 1914, all went quiet on the Western Front. The screaming stopped. The rifles relented. The brutality and bloodshed were broken up. British and German troops laid down their weapons and walked out of their trenches. They shook hands, they exchanged gifts and they played football.


But one hundred years on from the Christmas Truce, what do we know about the footballers that went to war? Those that swapped standing side by side on the field of play, for fighting side by side on the killing fields of the Somme. We find out more in this special documentary.


Discover how the 1914/15 season nearly tore English football apart, learn how the Footballers Battalion was born - and hear more about the players that made the ultimate sacrifice, plus take a look at how football is remembering in 2014.


From the boardrooms to the battlefields, the turnstiles to the trenches and the supporters to the Somme... this is the story of football and the Great War.


Presenters: Mark Crossley and David Cameron Walker


Producer: Mark Crossley


Special thanks to: Simon Bower, Bob Gamble, Alex Jackson, Steve Jenkins, Stuart Lock, Mark Metcalf, Carol Swords, Dave Yates.