Warn Radio Endtime

The WIBR/WARN Radio shows are featured with the Watchman Dana G Smith and Tower. The Watchman has been the voice of the WIBR/WARN radio show and ministry for twenty years and Tower his wife has been alongside for longer than that.
Thursdays Remnant Battle lines begins at 6:30-9:30 pm mst. This show features Prophecy news and world events with a focus on Christian persecution and advocacy, along with the major prophetic points today: Israel, America, Iran, Russia, China, and others. This is the First hour of Remnant Battle lines. Second and third hour is indepth teaching the whole counsel of the Lord.

Fridays Sound the Shofar begins at 6:30 PM MST and is one hour and a half. We have about 30 minutes of current events, ministry news, and other personal items from the Watchman n Tower. Then the last hour features an indepth bible study. This show is more easy going and shorter.

This show is recorded on Audio and on Video at our studio. We feature both Audio and Video HD on our websites of all shows. We also Have HD video on our Vimeo site.

www.warn-usa.com is our ministry site www.DanaGlennSmith.com is the Watchman's personal and professional writing and resource site. It is the WIBR in action [Watchman Institute for Biblical Research]
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