What is VolteFace Voices?

Have a listen to our brand new podcast, VolteFace Voices.

In our trailer you'll here Alastair Moore, VolteFace's Creative Director and VolteFace Voices' guest host, Jason Reed. These two will explain what's going on...

Just to give you an idea, we're aiming to bring you the latest happenings from the world of social policies, such as drugs, health, society, culture, and get behind the headlines and those chewy policy documents.

Please do join us as we make politics accessible - and dare we say - interesting?!

VolteFace Voices

Join us on VolteFace Voices.

We're here to dissect policies relating to drugs, health, society, culture - and no doubt much more. It's about time we get to grips with some of the more perplexing elements to our social policies.

Our aim is to make politics accessible, interactive, intriguing, and most of all something that will make you want to engage with. We'll be joined by an array of voices from politics, think tanks, culture, and the media.

Oh, let's just have a good old chat about the things, shall we?

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