S2Ep7: Bacon Is Better

I miss my Silverback Gorilla, yall! Harambe, the 400lb, 17-year-old Gorilla, gone too soon. We share our thoughts on: 1) what we would have done as parents if our child(ren) fell into a Gorilla pit; 2) do we agree with the zoo's decision to shoot Harambe; and 3) what we learned about ourselves, the internet, and life from the story of the Gorilla and the 4-year old.

On a lighter topic, we passionately debate this week's Twitter poll: Bacon v "Relations"

Which is better?

— WIM & Rich (@TGOSPodcast) May 30, 2016

As the Memorial Day weekend winds down, WIM & Rich wonder why adulting has so few truly EXCITING moments after Rich asks, "When was the last time you were truly EXCITED about something?" Have a response of your own? Share in the comments below or hit us on Twitter or Facebook!


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