S2Ep6: Must Be Nice...

Down goes Banks! Down goes Azealia Stanks!! After 7 years of abusive rants against other rappers, artists, and the regular Twitter community, Twitter finally decided to disable Azealia Banks account, but not before Disney star Skai Jackson managed to Tweet-snatch her edges like only a 14-year old would know how. Equally baffling, Azealia apologized -- something she hasn't done in 7 years. Just when you thought things couldn't get any more confusing, @TGOSPodcast found a small minority, no pun, of Azealia defenders who thought Twitter targeted her for being a woman of color rather than a repeat offender of the sites terms of use, terms which seem rarely applied (agreed) and unequally enforced (also agreed) even when rarely applied by Twitter. As the apartment search continues, Rich is reminded that "privilege must be nice" as he wonders how much of an impact his race is having on his house hunting experience.


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