S2Ep5: Sidewalks

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In the above scenario have you:

— WIM & Rich (@TGOSPodcast) April 23, 2016

A stroll down memory lane reminds WIM of how the past isn't that far in the past. During a recent family vacation, WIM learns that his Grandfather served in World War II as his father shows him where he grew up and the impact segregation -- yes, that segregation -- had on his childhood. Life is put in perspective as he learns his father had to play in the "blacks only" park and that he didn't experience integration into High School. Rich and WIM discuss this generation's *struggles versus those of our parents and beyond. Do millenials really identify with the struggle beyond hashtags and RTs? What are your thoughts? Are our elders right to say their struggles > ours? Or are the Struggle Olympics an endeavor we're all still racing to escape? This episode goes deep with no pause. Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments below or email us.


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