S2Ep3: The Bootstrap Generation

"We're not gonna take it!" - Millennials

It looks like Millennials are finally locating those "boot straps" old people keep talking about, and guess what? It turns out our boots are tougher to strap than Baby Boomers. #WellActually, even after 32 years of "progress," on average, Millennial 30-somethings are only making 33 cent more than our grandparents were in their 30s. We're not mathematicians here at TGOS, but we're pretty sure life is slightly more than 32 cent more expensive than it was in 1979. We're not the only one noticing this hypocrisy. A good read from the aptly named MoneyAfterGraduation.com laments The Problem With The Bootstrapping Millennial Martyrdom Complex. Surprise, surprise:

You don’t need other people to earn less in order for you to earn more. This is an important point that I don’t think many people intuitively understand, but there’s enough money in North America for everyone to earn a living wage. There’s enough money for you to make $50,000, and every single one of your friends, plus everyone you don’t know.

Then, as if life wasn't complicated enough for everyone, a recent study found that you might be penalized simply for discussing diversity in the workplace. Apparently, much like Fight Club, there are only two rules when it comes to diversity: Rule #1: Don't talk about diversity; and Rule #2: See Rule #1.


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