S2Ep2: All Polls Everythang

This week on Season 2 of TGOS, it was all polls all the time! Three great Twitter polls ate up the discussion this week, but like all our polls, they were all natural and they were SPECTACULAR. First poll question on deck: Ranked by importance: What's the most difficult quality for you to find when dating? Got your answer? Well, you might be surprised by our results:

Ranked by importance: What's the most difficult quality for you to find when dating?

— WIM & Rich (@TGOSPodcast) March 16, 2016

Next up, we asked our @TGOSPodcast followers: Are you dating your first choice? We can't tell if love conquered all or 52 percent of people are actively settling but...

Anonymous Poll: Is your current partner, husband, or wife your...?

— WIM & Rich (@TGOSPodcast) March 16, 2016

But what week in Twitter History woulnd't be complete with out a little made-up drama from our good friends over on Facebook? Seriously, who makes this stuff up??? When a rich woman wants you..."

Twitter poll? 🤔 pic.twitter.com/VQvOVTuT6c

— WIM & Rich (@TGOSPodcast) March 18, 2016

PS. Who kisses with their eyes open? Probably the same people who sit around making up Facebook memes. They obviously #StayWoke.


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