S2Ep1: We're All Underpaid

Greetings, listener. Quick question, are you listening to the podcast in front of your smart TV? STOP! Skynet is on to us!!! Now that we've got your attention and you've hopefully moved to a more secure area of your home or apartment, we can talk about more serious topics, like why formally hot, billion dollar start-up insurance company, Zenefits, had to ban its employees from having sex on the stairs. Always someone ruining things for everyone, amirite?! Well, if that topic isn't serious enough for you, we also found time to cover that one article where that one 36-year-old DESTROYS the response from that other 29-year old who RIPPED the original post of some innocent (entitled?) 25 year old. You know what they say, "Millennials gonna milli..."

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