100: The Last Main Show

**Boyz II Men acapella** "It's so harrrd...to say goodbyyye...to yesterdayeeeeey!!!" It's been a pleasure serving you TGOS family, but with Episode 100 we say "goodbye" to the Main Show...


Now if you already signed up for our VIP email list (like we remind you to do every week), you would already know this week's 100th Episode is our last Main Show under the TGOS brand name. We're taking our talents to another podcast thread under the new and approved name, Paychecks & Balances. Same old guys, brand new content! Paychecks and Balances will focus on the career advice and debt free topics you know and love without getting new and old listeners confused with our Side Episodes and Washed Chronicles mixtape freestyle (dropping as the interlude to Dre's Detox album): "a look at work and money for the rising professional." That's you, right? So why are you still here???? Click on over to the new site, continue to support us, and follow @TGOSPodcast for TGOS updates. We're not going away, we're changing for the better! We'll continue to use the TGOS thread to discuss events covering life, trials and tribulations on the wrong side of 30+.

Basically, Side Episode = TGOS, TGOS = Side Episode.

If you want to follow the new podcast on Twitter, go on over to @PayBalances.

We spend our final episode discussing two Twitter Polls that made the timeline hit three-fire-flame emoji levels last week! This includes: is it ever appropriate to ask a woman for her social media on the first date; and a NBC-style "what would you" scenario from Facebook after a husband alleges that his wife *stole $50,000 from their joint account to pay off her student loans. What would you do, WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? Well, listen to this week's show to see what TGOS would do, and check the polls below to see what our listeners would do.

Ladies, what's worse? Men who:

— WIM & Rich (@TGOSPodcast) February 20, 2016


Valentine's Day Poll: in this scenario do you?

— WIM & Rich (@TGOSPodcast) February 14, 2016


Astericks denotes: *possibly, borrowed with no plans to pay back


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