Clippers Lawrence Frank and Michael Winger

Los Angeles Clippers President of Basketball Operations Lawrence Frank and GM Michael Winger visit Woj Pod to discuss how a new front office starts to build out its infrastructure, process and long-term planning. Frank and Winger discuss how they’ve approached a new partnership, share duties, bring influences from past stops and work to integrate them into a new program. Frank and Winger discuss Steve Ballmer, Doc Rivers, Blake Griffin and the departure of Chris Paul in free agency.

3:02: Michael Winger joining the Clippers as general manager.

5:06: Lawrence Frank’s emphasis on synergy and building a positive team culture.

7:22: The difference in responsibilities for a president of basketball operations and a general manager.

9:59: Winger’s initial steps upon joining the Clippers.

11:35: Winger’s evaluation of his own strengths and weaknesses.

13:47: The Clippers’ strategic planning extending beyond player acquisition.

16:29: The importance of knowing other teams’ goals to gain a competitive edge.

19:03: Building out the Clippers’ scouting staff in recent years.

23:35: Winger’s experience with teams rebounding after the departure of MVP caliber players.

28:27: Making the Clippers a destination franchise beyond the attraction of playing in Los Angeles.

33:28: How the new CBA has changed the team-building process.

34:58: Star players gaining leverage over teams with short-term contracts.

40:10: Do the Warriors impact how the Clippers build around Blake Griffin?

44:05: The flexibility the Clippers gained from Chris Paul’s departure.

46:34: Winger’s questions for the Clippers before joining the franchise.

48:44: The characteristics of great franchises across sports.

53:42: How Frank’s move to the front office changed his evaluation process.

56:50: Winger’s quick adjustment to the Clippers.

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