Brett Brown joins Woj

Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown joins Adrian Wojnarowski for a conversation on the rapid development of Joel Embiid, the elements of coaching that become more important to Brown as he gets older and how he's learned to work with new GM Bryan Colangelo.
1:00: The 76ers’ improvement from last year despite injuries to Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

2:12: Maintaining self-confidence during the down times with the 76ers.

8:21: The pressure to win close games for a coach.

10:19: Takeaways from Embiid’s 31 games this season.

12:28: The energy Embiid brought to Philadelphia.

16:12: How Embiid’s competitiveness made it difficult to manage his minutes and number of games this season.

18:37: Brown’s plans for how to use Simmons, including how much time he could see at point guard.

22:52: The transition from Sam Hinkie to Bryan Colangelo.

27:49: The 76ers having the cap room to make a big splash in free agency this summer.

33:25: Being less stressed about the draft lottery because of the team’s foundation.

35:37: The franchise’s player development program paying off with T.J. McConnell and Robert Covington.

40:36: The broad mission of player development beyond skills.

43:13: Pros and cons of the youth basketball circuit in America.

46:46: The rise of specialization at an early age instead of children playing multiple sports growing up.

49:03: The benefits of playground basketball in developing creativity.

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