The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck with Mark Manson

In this episode we discuss how to escape the feedback loop from hell, the paradoxical idea of embracing negative experiences, why struggle creates meaning, how discover the false values underpinning your worldview, and how to cultivate the ability to sustain and handle adversity with Mark Manson.

Mark is a blogger, author and entrepreneur. Most well-known for his site, where he writes personal development advice that doesn't suck. He also wrote a book called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. It doesn't suck, either.

We discuss:
    Alan Watt’s Backwards Law (and why its so important)How to escape the Feedback Loop From HellThe paradoxical idea of embracing negative experiencesHow your mind invents problems for you every dayWhy Mark gives the advice “don’t try"How to release the judgement of your own emotions The difference between indifference and “not giving a f*ck"The biggest “false values” you cling to that create unhappiness in your life
    Why "entitlement" is the idea that you deserve happiness and don’t have to struggle for it (and how that causes suffering)
    How to cultivate the ability to sustain and handle adversityWhy the key question to living a better life is NOT “what do I want out of life?"Why struggle creates meaning and its important to feel bad sometimesWhat champions and world class performers focus on every day
    Why you should listen to Disappointment PandaWhy pain is required for growthAnd much more!
If you are dealing with a challenge and can't figure out what to do next - listen to this episode! 

Warning this episode has some profanity!

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