PODCAST : are you a feminist ?

this week will be all about feminism in our podcasts. and we’re starting off today by talking about how we see feminism !
– how it has affected our lives
– what it means for our relationship
– how we incorporate the concept into our everyday life
– is the male sex really physically stronger ?

we also talk about how we feel about LA, as well as that time that we met a real life superhero – with the most useless power ever !

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on thursday there will be a MUSTARD ON MOVIES episode about our top 5 best girl power movies. it was so much fun recording these two episodes, and i’m sure you’ll dig the feminist vibes of this week’s chats.

thank you to our listener shannon who requested the feminist theme. yep, that’s right – we take requests !
this was such great idea for a podcast episode, and we really enjoy talking earnestly and casually with you all.
if you have a request, tell us on instagram : @themustards_

thanks for listening and for your comments and support on itunes. it really makes this so much more fun !

love // jenny & david

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