101 - From Dishwasher to Bar Sustainability Consultant: An Interview with John Pomeroy Jr.



Listen in as we talk about his journey and learn a few things we can do in our bars to be a little “greener”

The Mixology Talk Podcast: Better Bartending and Making Great Drinks

Join Chris and Julia Tunstall, the founders of top Craft Bartending website ABarAbove.com, as they discuss tips, tricks and techniques for bartending better, making tastier drinks, and having a fulfilling career behind the bar. Combining Chris' 10+ years' bartending and restaurant consulting experience with Julia's years in spirits media, the two have endless ideas for giving your guests the best possible experience while ending your shift satisfied (and with a full wallet!)

This podcast is for experienced professionals and enthusiasts alike: you'll learn about everything from bar ingredients to cocktail techniques to operating a better bar - plus bonus episodes interviewing industry professionals as well!

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