Pascal Lamy on globalisation and the future of the Pacific: What role for the EU?

Pascal Lamy, whose distinguished career includes former European Union Commissioner for Trade and former head of the World Trade Organization, is currently in Australia to discuss the future of the European Union’s relationship with the Pacific.
The EU’s partnership with African, Caribbean and Pacific countries has been guided by the so-called ‘Cotonou Agreement’, which expires in 2020. Negotiations on a new agreement will commence soon and present an opportunity to reflect a changing world and new landmark international agreements, such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

On 3 August Mr Lamy addressed the Lowy Institute on how the Pacific may evolve: in the new era of Trumponomics(and end of the Trans-Pacific Partnership); in light of the rise of China; and in the context of new international trade agreements and shifting paradigms in development assistance – with a focus on the European Union.

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