The Tomb of Arensnuphis - Part 9

It is 1920, the year of Cornelia Cavendish’s 60th birthday, but her celebratory expedition to a newly discovered Egyptian tomb has delivered nothing but death and monsters. Although it is not yet too late to turn back, our heroes are compelled onwards by the world-shaking insinuations of what they have found. Yet something much darker awaits them in chilling finale of the Tomb of Arensnuphis.

The Infinite Bad

The Infinite Bad is a comedy-horror roleplaying podcast from Definitely Human. In the aftermath of World War I, four strangers find themselves caught in a web of evil beyond their reckoning. To survive, they must band together despite their differences and unravel the grisly mysteries that entangle them. Written and games mastered by veteran roleplayer Giorgio Mariani, The Infinite Bad is a weekly descent into horror and silliness. The nightmare begins with The Secret of Drakelow Hall.

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